New PC Scam Alert

Just want to let all my friends and family know about a new computer scam that is hitting the area. There has been a total of 6 reported cases in the last ten days and it usually starts with you getting a phone call from someone saying they are from Microsoft, an ISP or some other reputable company and that they discovered some sort of problem with a virus or counterfeit software. They then walk you through a series of tasks they need you do on your computer to fix the problem but in reality they are taking you through the steps to give them full access to you computer. Once they are in they take over and lock you out of your computer and ask you to pay a fee or as I call it a ransom to unlock your computer. The biggest warning sign should be the fact that they called you, when typically you call someone when you have a problem.

I had to work on one yesterday for a customer and it took several hours to bypass the passwords and I still ended up having to replace the hard drive. After speaking to him more he told me more about his encounter and said that they tried to make multiple withdrawals from his bank account. So I encourage you all to be vigilant and make sure you back up all you photos  and documents.

Submitted by Scott Fuqua

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