Raising My Own Worms

Back in July I posted about raising your own worms, well after procrastinating for several months I finally decided that its about time to start raising my own worms. I went out and bought me two twenty gallon totes and started putting my farm together. Decided to start small and if all goes well I will expand it further. So far I have a total of $15 bucks invested with the cost of the totes and two dozen night crawlers. With it being so late in the fall I have plenty of leaves and other organic material to get them off to a great start.

018a   019a

I started off by drilling small holes all over the bottom and sides of one of the 20 gal. totes. I then did the same to the lid. I then placed 4 small cups into the bottom corners of the other 20 gal. tote and placed the one with the holes on top of that.


I then placed some crushed up leaves and about 3 gallons of dirt into the tote and then added my 2 dozen worms.

022a   023a

I know this isn’t a large type of operation but with the season coming to a close all of the local bait shops will be closed and if the weather breaks I wanna be out fishing and don’t want to drive way out of my way to buy bait and once I get it tweaked Ill never have to buy bait again.

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