Mighty Dakota’s Sporting Goods

Went over and visited a good friend and owner of Mighty Dakota’s Sporting Goods, Steve Rudasill, to check out his store located right here in downtown Ada. Steve is a great supported of our club and sponsors events and competitions that our club holds.
This is not your Cabella’s or Pro Bass Shop type stores but a little home town business that offers a good variety of hunting and fishing gear as well as offering CCW classes. You’ll find, like I do, that this place is where one likes to go and get great information about whats going on the the community and information on whats being cuaght where and hot spots for hunting and so on. You will also get down to earth reviews of all the guns, ammo and gear they sell and if they dont  have something in stock they will order it for you.


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I encourage everyone to visit them and help support the local business’s in our community.



  1. Anna Fuqua says:

    What is that Zombie thing in the one picture? Looks like there is a lot of cool stuff in his shop.

    • Scott Fuqua says:

      Its a 3D sculpted target that is made with self-healing foam to stand up to numerous shots. Great for target practice.

  2. Scott Fuqua says:

    Been getting alot of people asking me about when and where the store is relocating. I havent had a chance to talk to Steve yet but as soon as I find anything out I will post it on here.

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