Rough Day of Fishing 10/5/13

Started the day off in the rain over at Indian Lake. Things started off slow with only a few bites and when one of us finally get a bite, Eric gets it all the way up to the shore before his line broke. We fished for a few more hours with Eric only catching a small suageye before we packed up and headed over to another spot. Once we got there things didn’t get any better. We both cuaght a few sticks that our lines got snagged on and after a few hours of absolutely no hits or bites we packed it up and headed over to Liberty lake. It was rough going when we started out there, caught a few small bass and I mean small before I finally landed a crappie and didn’t catch nothing until it was starting to get dark. Then I landed 3 nice bluegill within about 20 minutes. the last fish I cuaght slipped out of my hands and back into the water as I was trying to put it in the basket. Eric unfortunately got skunked and made a funny video of me to pass the time.

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Submitted by Scott Fuqua


  1. Anna Fuqua says:

    You can always tell when your having a rough day… all the scenic pictures.
    BTW it takes forever for your video to load, funny stuff tho
    Better Luck next time.

  2. Scott Fuqua says:

    Yeah I tend to take a lot of pics when I dont catch anything

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