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Freshwater Drum

There has been a lot of talk amongst members here lately about Freshwater Drum or as most people call them sheepshead. I for 1 don’t eat them but consider them to be a fun fish to catch because of the fight they put up.

A few week ago while fishing up at the Maumee river with a few buddies I noticed one of the guys had several sheep head on his stringer. I politely asked him if he was going to use them as fertilizer for his garden, he laughed and stated that he was going to fry them up to eat. I have never tried to eat one or tasted one but have heard from others that theyre a real boney fish and have a bad taste.

This past week I was out fishing the Maumee again with another friend and we were catching quite a few sheep head and whenever he caught one he would throw it up onto the banks to die stating they’re a trash fish and wreak havoc on the river system. I usually throw mine back since they are a native fish to Ohio and I rather catch something than nothing any day of the week. So here is a few questions  I have for those of you that fish and catch these fish…..

1. What do you do with them when you catch them? Do you eat them, throw them on the bank , etc…

2.  If you do eat them, how do you clean, prepare and cook them? Share your favorite recipe if you got one.

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