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Liberty Lake 8/14/13

Decided to head out to Liberty Lake today and try out my new micro lite pole that I got for my birthday. The water was clear and calm with no wind, fished with just a small bobber with a size 8 hook tipped with wax worms. Started off with a nice 8 inch bluegill then landed a few smaller ones that I tossed back. I then headed over to a corner section of the lake and started jigging for some crappie. Landed a small one and had my line snapped on another bite. After a while I landed 2 crappie that were over 11 inches each. Called it quits after it got to dark to see my bobber and the mosquito’s started to literally lick off the bug repellant I put on earlier.


0814131911   0814132014

0814132014a   0814131942

0814132119   0814132121

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