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Maumee River 8/1/13

Started out a little rough this morning as I woke up with a migraine, after it eased up me and JW headed up to the maumee river for a beautiful day of fishing. When we arrived the fishing started off fast with us catching alot of sheep head carp. Then as I was walking across the river I lost my footing and ended up neck deep in water and skinning my knee’s real good but I wasnt going to let that hamper the day.

It wasnt too much longer before we started catching some nice channel cats. JW landed a 23 incher to start things off, then I landed one about the same size. JW then had his line broke by a big one and then he lost another Monster, which he got all the way up to the bank and as I went to net him, he turned tail and snapped his line. I felt so bad for JW as that was a huge one. Over all I cuaght 5 keepers and JW caught 4 keepers. We also caught about 15 carp and about 20 or so small catfish that we threw back.


0801130741   0801130741a

0801130741b   0801130751

IMAG0490   IMAG0491

IMAG0492   IMAG0488


Liberty Lake 7/31/13

Decided to try my luck out at Liberty today after work, Its been a few weeks since Ive been out there and I figured with the light rain they might be biting pretty good. Ended up landing a total of 7 bluegill and kept a total of 4.


0731132014   0731131915a

0731131915   0731132131

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