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As most people know I work at a prison and one of the programs that our Institution has is a wild life rescue that is run by inmates. They care and nurture wild animals that have been wounded and babies that were abandoned for one reason or another. They have ducks, possums, rabbits, racoons, squirrels and other wild life. The program seeks out people that are willing to take out and release these animals back into the wild. Today I participated in my first release and brought home 3 squirrels that I released out behind my house.

If you have woods or a pond and are interested in having some released at your place please contact me by using the contact us form on this site or leave a reply here on this post. I have 18 ducks coming in the next few weeks and all but 7 of them are spoken for.


tn_sq01   tn_sq02

tn_sq03   tn_sq04

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tn_sq07   tn_sq08

tn_sq09   tn_sq10

tn_sq11   tn_sq12

tn_sq13   tn_sq14

tn_sq15   tn_sq16

tn_sq17   tn_sq18

tn_sq19   tn_sq20

tn_sq21   tn_sq22

I took a few small videos of when I released the squirrels, check them out below

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