Kiser Lake 7/20/13

Got up bright and early this morning and headed down to Kiser Lake to meet up with my buddy J.W. and his dad Jerry. I arrived around 6:30 AM and got my gear set up and within a few minutes of getting my bait in the water I landed a catfish. I missed on my next 2 casts and landed another catfish on the next one. A few casts later I cuaght a white bass and then it was on, I couldnt keep my line in more than a minute before I was getting a hit. Ended up landing a total of ten keepers, 4 catfish, 4 white bass and 2 bluegill. The fish were hitting so good from the banks that I passed on going out on the boat. I diffidently found me a new honey hole.

0720130651   0720130708   0720130652


0720130823   0720130652b   0720131021



  1. Scott Fuqua says:

    Well I have had this terrible stench in my car the past couple of days that I couldn’t figure out. Well figured it out today. Apparently I cuaght 5 white bass instead of 4. 1 of them came out of the basket and slid down between the seats when I was rushing to put everything in the car when the storm hit us while we were out fishing. It was terrible.. enough to gag a maggot.

  2. Jason says:

    LMAO that’s too funny

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