Rod & Reel Carrier for the Car

As many of you know one of the biggest hassles with your fishing poles is transporting them. They always seem to get tangles up with each other and in some cases they can become damaged. So while at work the other day I came up with a idea to make a rack for the car to carry my poles and use as little space possible. My first thought was to use pvc pipe for the frame and then I thought why not have the welding school where I work at build me a frame, which only cost me $10 bucks.


Next I picked up some 2″ and 3″ pvc pipe from the local hardware and cut them into 3 foot sections and painted them orange and black (to match my car).

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I also picked up some Velcro from WalMart and wrapped it  around the ends of the pipe where the pipe comes into contact with the metal frame. This way I could easily move and rearrange them whenever necessary and wouldn’t have to drill a bunch of holes in the frame.





Over all it turned out nice but in hind sight I may tweaked it some but it diffidently works good for me. I had just over $50 bucks into it and maybe 3 hours of labor. In the future I may try another, just to get it perfected more, just because that’s the way I am.

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