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Indian Lake 5/9/13

Went fishing today over at Indian Lake with Shane and Mark Van Busirk to try and land some suageye’s. It didnt go so well for me and Shane but Mark landed a nice 18 in. suageye.

Mark Van Buskirk

Mark Van Buskirk


After a few hours and absolutely no bites  I decided to try out a new lure that I bought recently and landed a nice large mouth bass down by the bridge.


I decided to try one more time for some suageye and as I was packing my gear up to head home my pole nearly got dragged into the water and the fight was on. I fought this fish for a good 10 minutes trying not to break my 6 lb test line and once I got it to shore and half way onto the bank my line snapped. Luckily the fish was exhausted and I was able to grab it before it went back into the water. No suageye but a 27 in. flathead catfish.




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