Lake Erie 5/5/13

Went out with Sassy Sal charters on Lake Erie yesterday evening in Port Clinton Ohio. We arrived around noon and hit the bait shop for some tackle and bait and then rigged our poles and waited to head out at 3:00 PM





The water was extremely choppy with waves of 3 to 5 feet and a strong northerly wind that kept the boat rocking. A few of the guys actually got motion sickness. This was probably one of the worst fishing trips Ive had but it was also a great day because I got to spend time with great friends and good people. Even tho I got skunked and didnt catch a fish, got soaked and froze my behind off, it sure beats working and anytime you can get out and fish its a good day.

On another note I would like to congratulate Scott Burden for landing a 16.5 in White Bass that qualifies as a Fish Ohio Award and a NWOAA ARP Award.




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