Trip to Bass Pro Shop

Took my son and nephew up to check out the Big Bass Pro Shop in Rossford, OH today. This was the first time either of them had been there.

Luckily we showed up right before they feed the fish. They have a huge tank with monster bass, crappie, gar, bowfin and catfish. They throw bluegill in and the kids watch in amazement as they get eaten.





They also allow the kids to feed the trout in a small creek that runs throw the store. One of the cooler things was all the Stuffed animals and scenery they have at the store.




 Overall it was a great day. I manage to escape with only  spending $200 bucks on chest waders, poles and polarized sun glasses and some great memories that I will cherish with my son.

(poor guy was tuckered out)

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  1. Anna says:

    You only spending 200 bucks…knowing you i figured you would have broken the bank on that trip. lmao

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