2013 Season is Underway

Its that time of year again to get the poles out and gear up for another season of fishing.

This year we made some changes to the point system in the Club Competition
We are allowing fish caught outside of Ohio to be counted
Lowered points for several fish
Added Carp to the list
This year the competition is starting on 3/1/13 and ends on 11/1/13. Get Your scoresheet Here.
These changes were made at the request of several members to make the competition more fair.
We are still working on a tournament schedule for this year. We have picked several sites and are working out the details.
So far we have Indian Lake, Maumee River and Lima Lake. If you have any suggestions let us know.
We are also working on a special type of tournament that goes after “Trash Fish” such as carp and other undesirable type fish.

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