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Ottawa River, Lima OH

Got the itch to go out and do some fishing today. I started out by checking out Lima Lake but it was still completely iced over so I decided to try somewhere I haven’t fished since I was a young kid. The temp. was hovering right around 27 degree’s so it made for a frigid day of fishing. Since there has been some talk over in the Ohio Game Fishing forums about catching what is commonly referred to as trash fish, Carp, I got out my little ugly stik fishing pole and made some bread balls and got to fishing. Didn’t halve any luck with the carp but managed to pull in a few bluegill. I then got my new rapalla lure and gave it a go for some rock bass. After about 50 casts or so i managed to get snagged in some overhanging trees and lost my lure. After that I decided to call it a day.







With warmer weather on the way in the next few days I hope to get out and hit it hard in a few of my honey holes.


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