Fishing & Hunting Raffle Give Away Contest

We will be running a raffle / contest on our Facebook page for our members that starts today and ends Feb. 24th of next year. you can post your recent fishing or hunting stories on there to be entered into a drawing to win several cool prizes. You can post your fishing / hunting stories once a day and for every post you make, you get (1) entry into the drawing. The chances of winning depends on the number of entries we receive. This is completely free to enter, the stories you share may be republished on this site.

Prizes include the following items:
* Custom 3 Tier Gun Rack with Drawer
* Custom Bass Painting
* Ugly Stick GX2 Fishing Rod and Reel
* (3) Etched Glass Beer Mugs
More prizes may be added at a later time.

Indian Lake

Long day of fishing over at Indian lake today. We managed to get a few keepers but the bite was slow.



Pond Fishing

Stopped at one of my honey holes after work today, just wanted to get out and do a little fishing with the great weather we were having. I don’t usually keep Bass but I gut hooked a few and when I threw them back in they started the death swim and floated back up to the top.


Row Row Row Your Boat…..

Had a crazy day of fishing, the propeller broke on the trolling motor while we were out in the middle of the lake and Jeff had to row us back to shore. Thanks to his Macgyver like skills he was able to fix it. We still managed to get a nice mess of bluegill and a few crappie.


Cobb Lake

Spent the day out in the boat with Dave and Scott and landed a real nice bass, We found a few holes that when we were fishing we could only use one pole at a time because the bluegill and crappie were hitting our lines as soon  as they hit the water. We ended up keeping 45 nice bluegill and 6 crappie.


Here fishy-fishy

Thought of you guys when I saw this video, hope it puts a smile on your face.

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