2018 Cast-Away Fishing Derby

We held our 3nd Annual Cast Away Fishing Derby today,We had a few rain delays but everything went well as we had another great turn out considering the weather and all the kids got to catch multiple fish. Special thanks to the MCI Employee Activities Committee for suppling us with food and fishing poles for the kids.
I would also like to thank Gerry Bowes, Scotty Fuqua II, Donald Fyffe, Dave Eberle and Clayton Campo for volunteering to help out with this event, without volunteers like you guys, we wouldn’t be able to hold these type of events.

Ill be adding more photos as I get them….


Indian Lake 5/12/18

Me and Dave got into a few yesterday evening. Caught a lot of throw backs but got a few big ones too. Dave got his second Fish Ohio Crappie of the year with one just over 13 inches long and I got my first ever Fish Ohio Perch with one just over 12 inches long.


Submitted by Scott Fuqua

2018 Bluffton Trout Derby

This was probably the worst year we have had at the Bluffton trout derby in the 30 years that I have been going to it. The derby started off slow with very few people catching anything and then the storm came through that lasted for about 45 minutes or so, luckily this year we set up a canopy and was able to take shelter from the down pour. At the end of the derby a total of 8 tagged fish was caught.




On the flip side of everything bad that happened at the derby it was great spending time with friends and family.

Coyote’s & Turkey Season

A pair of coyote’s  liked my turkey call, boy was they in for a surprise…

Submitted by Chuck Tidd

Indian Lake 4/22/18

I got 18 Crappie total, had 4 of them that measured over 14 inches long, biggest coming in at 14.75 inches long, another 5 that measured over 13 inches long and the rest in the 11  and 12 inch range. Tried along the banks in the brush piles with no luck and when I was about to quit I decided to try one other spot and got them all within about two hours.



Submitted by Dave Eberle

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