Cobb Lake 6/10/18

Another fine day of fishing over at Cobb Lake on the boat with my buddy Dave…We ran out of bait so we had to call it quits for the day.

Maumee River 6/8/18

Another fine day up at the Maumee River… Caught plenty of fish and Jeff got 2 fish Ohio Channel Catfish.


Cobb Lake 6/5/18

Went bait fishing with Jeff today for our trip to the Muamee tomorrow and just couldn’t bring myself to turn these guys into cut bait. Better and tastier in the deep-fryer.

Maumee River 6/3/18

Another fantastic day up at the Maumee River with my Crew. Caught a total of 27 keepers for the day.





Cobb Lake 5/28/18

Got into the bluegill and a few big crappie today over at Cobb Lake. We got 5 bluegill that were over 9 inches long and 1 Crappie that was over 13 inches long.

The cottonwood trees are in full bloom and the temperature was in the 90’s but I had a blast with my buddies Dave and Jeff out on the boat.

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