Big Blues

Hit a few ponds after work today and caught 30 big bluegill. All of them were over 8 inches long and 2 of them was over 9 inches long and weighed over a pound each.


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2016 Cast Away Fishing Derby

Held our first Pass Port to Fishing Program today.. Turned out to be pretty successful with 31 kids showing up and participating. We had to have it inside due to the bad weather but I had a blast. Luckily the weather cooperated just long enough that we was able to go out and do some fishing for about an hour before it started raining again. Id like to thank MCI Employee’s Activity Committee for providing the funds to buy the fishing rods and food for today’s activities.

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I would like to thank Jake Brewer, Garret Haines and Joe Kessler for helping out. They each ran a station during the event and it wouldnt have been possible without their help. Also a big thanks to Sequel Wellman for helping get the Certificates done and handed out. Also a big thanks to Eric Wylie and Darell Starcher for getting the fishing pond cleaned up and ready for us to fish. I hope I didnt forget anyone and hope to host another event sometime here in the near future.

YOLO Electronic LED Light Fish Bite Alarm


Catfish season will begin in full swing here in a few weeks and that means Ill be doing a lot of night fishing. I found the new fish bite alarm that has a LED indicator and a sound alarm so when your fishing late at night and find yourself dozing off or busy shooting the breeze with your buddies you wont lose a fish and in some cases your whole fishing pole.



  •  Powered by 3 x LR44 button battery ( included )
  • High quality wireless sound fishing bite alarm
  • Smart alert, alert after the fish bite for a while
  •  LED indicator, more convenient to fishing at night
  • Small and clip-on design, easy to install and carry
  • Anti-slip rubber pad, clip on fishing rod tightly
  • Suitable for different kinds of rods in different terrain and weather
  • Clip opening: 4.5cm ( Max )


Portable Hexagon 6 Hole Automatic Fishing Shrimp Trap


I’m always looking for cool things when it comes to the outdoors. Today I ran across the Portable Hexagon 6 Hole Automatic Fishing Shrimp Trap . Now I know there isn’t any place around here locally for shrimp but I what about crayfish. Instead of lugging around the metal traps, it would be easier to use one of these simple traps. The concept of catching shrimp and crayfish with a trap or about the same.


  • Easy and convenient to use, no need to install, you only need to do is draw the handle.
  • Fishing net trap with six enter design, great for catching smelt, eels, crab, lobster, minnows, shrimp and crawfish.
  • Use six solid steel bar bracket and the appropriate mesh, durable and stereoscopic.
  • Special double zipper design for easy take out the prey.
    It can be folded into a small size, lightweight and portable.
  • Mesh size is 0.3 cm x 0.3 cm, every side is 70 cm long.

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A Mixed Bag

Another good day of fishing as I caught a mixed bag of fish today. Ended up catching bluegill,bass, crappie, catfish and trout for the day.




Lima Lake 5/2/16

11 Crappie today….


Buckeye Quarry 5/1/16

Went to the annual fishing derby yesterday with a few buddies, turned out to be a decent day. It was a kinda off day of fishing for me as I only landed two trout and 1 nice bluegill for the day. Jeff ended up doing the best out of all of us as he won $70 in tags and a free pizza. Stayed well after the derby till almost 10:00 pm.

Didn’t get to take any good pictures this year as my phone didnt want to cooperate with me. For the day as a group we ended up catching a total of 27 trout an kept 24. I got stuck with the cleaning duties since I’m on vacation this week.


Wet & Soggy Day of Fishing

Started the day off in the rain doing a little pond fishing, Got my First Fish Ohio Crappie for the year with one that measured 13 inches and several bass that were all around the two to three pound range.



I then headed over to Liberty Lake and snagged three nice crappie in a downpour.


The Wunder Boner

Here is a throw back commercial for the Wunder Boner from 1994… apparently it didn’t catch on. Looks like an interesting tool to de-bone fish though.

Liberty Lake 4/25/16

Fished out at Liberty Lake for a few hours oday and ended up catching three nice crappie and a three pound bass that I released.





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