32mm M2 Sighting Telescope Laser Sight

32mm M2 Sighting Telescope Laser Gun Sight w/ Reflex Red Dot Scope for Picatinny Rail

● Practical to use and easy to install.
● Mount on any 20mm weaver standard rail.
● Full metal casting scope housing objective.
● With 2 levels dot brightness control on each illuminate color.
● Brightness of the reticle can be controlled by a brightness setting dial.
● Lens diameter: 32mm.
● Length: 135 mm.
● Dot color: Red and green.
● Body construction: Anodized aluminum.
● Power by: 3 x AG13 battery (not include).


scope3 scope4 scope5

Color: Black
Product weight: 0.299 kg



Great Day on the River

Had a great day of catfishing up on the Maumee River today, landed 14 nice catfish using live and cut up chubs.


cf2     cf3

Bait Fishing

After my frabill traps came up empty again I decided to do it the old fashioned way and caught me some creek chubs with the fishing pole. Ended up with around 3 dozen bait fish for my trip to the Muammee tomorrow.


Liberty Lake 91616

Went out today to do some crappie and bluegill fishing and ended up catching a monster catfish on 6lb test line and it took me damn near 25 minutes to haul it in. I also ended up catching 4 bluegill and 1 crappie for the day.

lby3 lby2



Used my son as a reference for size comparison.




Girl Loves 2 Fish

Now if this doesnt make you want to go out and do some fishing .. Nothing will.

Thanks for Sharing this Duanne

Liberty Lake 91416

Started the day off fishing in the rain and continued to fish in the rain till around noon. It was kind of a slow day but I did manage to pull in a dozen keepers.

ll01 ll02

Frabill Minnow Trap

After spending the weekend down south with my buddy Chuck, I decided to go out and buy me a Frabill Minnow trap. It worked great for him and at under $10 bucks, I figured why not give it a try. He showed me a trick were he used a stainless steel tea ball to put his bait (cat food) in so I decided why not it worked for him it should work for me and you can pick one up for around $2.

frabill-minnow-trap   fmt2

After setting the trap out for a couple hours I go back and I have only one minnow in the trap. Now I now it ain’t location because I can see minnows swimming everywhere. So I decided to add some bread to the trap and after a few hours I went back to check the trap and there is still only one minnow in the trap. Going to let it sit overnight and if the trap is empty, then it just might be location and ill have to find another creek to try.

fbt2  fbt3  fbt4




Lake Rupert


Rose Lake 9/10/16

Went down and visited an old friend, Chuck Tidd and he took me over to Rose Lake. He warned me that it was a hike to get to the lake but I insisted we try it out and i payed for it afterwards. The hike is not your regular old dirt path like we have up here, where the ground is flat, down there its up and down hills and when I say hills I mean it.
Once we got down to the lake the water was pristine and clean and we had a nice cool breeze while we fished. We ended up with only five keepers for the day but the scenery of the lake made it worth the trip.


Hot Pepper Flakes

Got the food dehydrator out and cut up a variety of peppers to make some hot pepper flakes that I use to garnish food.


hp02 hp03

After everything was done in the dehydrator, I ended up with a spice jar of ghost and Carolina reaper mix that I will label as Dragon Fire, another jar of Habanero Flakes, a jar of Jalapeño Flakes and almost 2 jars of Cayenne pepper. I still have a lot of peppers to prepare. Did learn a valuable lesson today… grind everything outside and not inside the house.

spices1 spices2 spices3

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