2018 Local Spring Trout Release

Just a little reminder for our members. Here are the local areas and dates that the ODNR Division of Wildlife will stock rainbow trout. The daily catch limit for inland lakes is five trout. You can find the complete list here.

Location County Date
Quarry Park Marion 3/23/18
Lima Lake Allen 4/18/18
Schoonover Lake Allen 4/12/18
Davis Lake Auglaize 4/11/18
Giertz Lake Hancock 5/5/18

Once again, Several us are planning on meeting up at Quarry Park on Friday the 23rd. If your interested, come on out and enjoy some fishing.


Fishing & Hunting Raffle Winners

We finally made it to the end of our first contest / raffle and now its time to announce the winners.

Custom Bass Painting                                      Jeff Gibson, Bluffton, OH
Custom 3 Tier Gun Rack with Drawer          Ralph Carr, Toledo, OH
Ugly Stick GX2 Fishing Rod and Reel           Dave Eberle, Lima, OH
Etched Glass Beer Mug                                     Dan Quail, Forest, OH
Etched Glass Beer Mug                                     Chuck Tidd, Wellston, OH
Etched Glass Beer Mug                                     Jeff Gibson, Bluffton, OH

Congratulations to everyone that won and thanks to everyone that helped promote us.

Ice Fishing at Ferguson Reservoir

Went out ice fishing for the first time in over 20 years today with Dave over at Ferguson Reservoir. The Fish were real finicky and not alot of people were catching anything but I did land 2 nice perch. It was nice just to get out to relax and get a line wet. I can’t wait for spring to get here.

Site News & Updates 1/1/18

With 2017 in the books it now time to focus on 2018. Theres still close to two months for the Fishing and Hunting Raffle give-away that ends on Feb. 24 of this year.

For those interested we are getting together on the 13th of this month and heading to the Vexilar/Tip-Up/Clam Ice Fishing Demo and Derby hosted by Lakeside Pro Bass Shop in Lakeview, OH. This should be a fun day as the ice this year is excellent for ice fishing.

The prizes for the 2018 Big Fish Awards have been released:

Certificate and Custom Beer Mug

Certificate and Custom Beer Mug

Custom Plaque

Custom Plaque

Custom Plaque

We may add more fish and prizes as we get more sponsors.

We are also working on several different tournaments for this year, we plan on doing a catfish tournament up at the Muammee River (TBA) and another up at Indian Lake (TBA).

Indian Lake 12/19/17

Hit up Indian lake tonight for a few hours, only place we could find that didn’t have any ice and was fish-able was mound wood. I got a few bites and got skunked but Jeff slayed the suageye once again.

saugeye fishing

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